Stars who’ve quit social media

Don’t call it hangover, it’s wine flu


  Sometimes even celebrities need a break from social media. Join as we take a look at some of our favorite celebs who’ve quit or taken time away from social media in the past and find out why… starting with Lizzo. On Jan. 5, 2020, the “Good as Hell” hitmaker told her Twitter followers that she’d be saying goodbye to the social media platform. She explained how she couldn’t “do” Twitter anymore because there were “too many trolls.” She added, “I’ll be back when I feel like it.” During an Instagram Live, she further explained why she was (temporarily) leaving. “I would love to be on Twitter ’cause I could connect with you people who positively support me, not to mention spreading my own positive message,” she said. “But now I’ve gotten to a point where I’m not just dealing with internet bullies — I’m dealing with seeing a lot of negativity on the internet dealing with everyone. Even from my well of positivity, I feel it, and it doesn’t feel good.” Her decision to leave was also inspired, in part, by harmful memes about her body that have circulated. She’s since returned to Twitter. We love you, Lizzo! Keep reading for more…

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